Is Your Pet a Picky Eater?

Come to us for high-quality pet supplies or raw pet food in Bar Harbor, ME

You want to provide the best possible care for your pets, but you can't do this without the right tools and supplies. Acadia Woods Kennel in Bar Harbor, ME carries top-tier supplies. We don't offer a million options like big-box stores. Instead, we carry a carefully chosen selection of high-quality goods that your pets will love.

Stop by now to pick up your pet supplies.

Find out what's on our shelves

When you stop by our kennel, you can pick out anything you need. Our pet supplies include:

  • Toys - make playtime perfect with engaging toys
  • Leashes - maximize comfort with a high-quality leash
  • Grooming supplies - wash your pets with Best Shot Ultra Wash Shampoo and Ultra Vitalizing Mist

We don't offer all the choices of the big box stores but instead offer a carefully chosen selection of high quality foods and toys. We offer Eagle Pack and Orijen pet foods for your pet's nutritional needs. We also have available Steve's Real Food for those who like the convenience of a commercially prepared raw diet. We are always happy to special order a food we don't carry.