Place Your Pet in Caring Hands

Turn to us for dog boarding in Bar Harbor, ME

Need to find a dog boarding kennel in Bar Harbor, ME? Acadia Woods Kennel can administer your pet's medication and make sure they're comfortable.

Dog Boarding Overnight

The dogs have their own private indoor/outdoor kennel. We can accommodate multiple large dogs in our extra large kennels. Both the indoor and outdoor portions of each kennel is covered by chain-link fencing to prevent climbers from escaping. The outdoor portion of the run is covered by a roof. The dogs are fed twice per day and then are given time in the play yards. Owners may provide their own food if they wish. We feed our dogs Eagle Pack, which is a premium dog food brand. Don't worry your pet will have fresh water at all times. We even supply all the dogs with Kuranda Beds for maximum comfort. We offer boarders from out of town the option of leaving the kennel for a day of fun and frolic in Acadia with their families.

Speak to our owner today to make your reservation. Owners must provide proof of distemper and rabies vaccinations for both cats and dogs.

Dog Boarding For The Day

The MDI/Acadia area offers a wide variety of activities such as hiking, beaching, biking, sea kayaking, whale watching, Ranger led programs and cruises. We offer a safe place for your dog to spend his day when you participate in one of these activities. Often day boarding dogs get to enjoy being outdoors all day in one of our shaded play yards

Cat Boarding

The cat room is upstairs away from the noise of the dog area. Each kitty receives special attention and is assessed twice daily for any problems. The kitties each have their own private multi level condo. Twice a day, their litter box is freshened. There is food and water available at all times.

Birds, Bunnies, Exotics, and Rodents

We do not have an established area for birds, bunnies, exotics and rodents but try to accommodate them if the owner supplies the enclosure.

Vaccinations & Medications

We require proof of Distemper and Rabies for both dogs and cats. Bordetella for dogs is at the owners discretion. We will administer any medications you provide for your pet including injectibles for no extra fee.


We do not require boarding animals to be on flea preventive, however if we find your pet does have fleas they will be dealt with at your expense.

Reservations & Cancellation Policy

Reserving overnight boarding space is always advised. A deposit is required during the summer and holiday periods. Day boarding does not require a reservation and we don't recommend them as most activities are weather dependent.

Holiday and summer reservations must be canceled 7 days prior to arrival for a full refund minus a $20 processing fee. We do not refund for late arrivals or early departures.

Plan for your pet's stay

Time to budget your trip? Boarding fees are as follows:

  • Overnight pet boarding: one dog for $60, two dogs for $90, three dogs for $120 and four dogs for $165
  • Day boarding: one dog for $40, two dogs for $60, three dogs for $90 and four dogs for $120
  • Cat boarding: one cat for $22.50 and two cats in the same space for $30

If you board multiple pets separately, the single rate will apply to both. From June to October and during holidays, we require a deposit via check, cash or credit. Cancellations prior to seven days before a stay include a full refund minus a processing fee of $20. We do not refund for late arrivals or early departures. Contact us now for overnight pet boarding services.